Oil Sands

Produced in partnership with a number of energy sector stakeholders, this report, published in print and online, had a clear goal: to help Canadians understand the ways that Alberta’s oil sands are powering the Canadian economy and helping to meet global energy demands. We achieved this objective through a balanced editorial line-up that covered issues ranging from the importance of the oil sands to our national interests, to environmental challenges related to bitumen mining and upgrading, and solutions to address these challenges. From the complex to the controversial, we tackled the key topics in a discussion that was well informed, relevant and engaging. Distribution in The Globe and Mail ensured this feature’s reach to an audience of more than 1.1 million influential readers.




The special report is very well done – a good read (that) provides good insights to the public.
— Eddy Isaacs, Ph.D., FCAE, CEO, Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions