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Green Prairie Making Hay … to Feed Livestock Around the World

ExportwiseSusanne MartinComment

On a global scale, the appetite for meat and dairy products is increasing and, at the same time, many consumers are paying more attention to how their food is produced. These two trends fuel a rising demand for providing livestock around the world with healthy, high-quality forage – they also create a solid platform for exports from Green Prairie International (GPI), a company that combines southern Alberta’s optimal growing conditions with innovative means of harvesting, baling and processing hay.

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Innovation and Foresight Underpin Christie Digital’s Global Growth

ExportwiseChris FreimondComment

When Seattle’s Cinerama Theatre boasted earlier this year that it had installed the world’s most advanced projection system, it had a Canadian company to thank for the achievement. Manufactured in Kitchener, Ontario the Christie 6P RGB laser projector helped revitalize and reimagine the iconic Seattle landmark and place it at the leading edge of theatres capable of providing the finest cinematic experience possible.

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ITAC Mission to India Day 3

ExportwiseRandall MangComment

India, where even happiness is a business opportunity.

Bangalore – A stated mission to build the world’s happiest IT company with the world’s happiest employees and happiest customers may sound lofty. But after meeting visionary Ashok Soota it is apparent that if anyone can do it, it will be him.