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Healthy Minds

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Highlighting ‘what mental health really is’ during Mental Health Week

We often automatically say “fine” when someone at work asks how we are. Yet the same question can trigger a more meaningful exchange – one that acknowledges how we truly feel and whether we reach out when we need support. What are some of the conditions that are conducive to opening up at our place of work on days when we’re not feeling like ourselves?

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Looking ahead to affordable medicines for all Canadians

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The Canadian life and health insurance industry welcomes the renewed focus on finding a way to ensure that all Canadians can get access to affordable prescription drugs. We strongly support the need for comprehensive reform so that Canadians can have access to medicines and, equally importantly, Canada’s prescription drug system is put back on a secure financial footing for the foreseeable future.

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Older adults at risk of experiencing harm related to substance use

When a 24-year-old person walks into a doctor’s office appearing confused, agitated or tired, the physician will know something is amiss and will explore the potential that this person has consumed drugs. But there is a good chance that the same symptoms will not raise red flags for a 74-year-old patient. In addition, an older adult’s dwindling social circle can increase the risk of challenges related to substance use going unnoticed.

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Next-generation ideas driving business revitalization

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Intergenerational succession is a hot topic for the Canadian family business community as many leaders belonging to the boomer generation are looking to hand over the reins. Relinquishing control over a business into which a leader has invested indeterminable hours, efforts, hopes and dreams can be challenging – but it can also present opportunities for revitalization.

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Don’t risk losing your quality of life to a vaccine-preventable disease

As children, about 95 per cent of today’s North American adults endured the itch and misery of chickenpox. And while we may not even remember being sick, we’re still harbouring its cause – the dormant varicella zoster virus – in nerve structures near the spine called the dorsal root ganglia.  

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Climate Change

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Business leaders face many questions with the impacts of climate change creating new and emerging operating landscapes.  

Those questions include: Is climate change affecting my business or could it in the future? Could severe weather events occur in places where my organization operates facilities or cause disruptions to my global supply chain? Could government policy responses to climate change to meet targets under the Paris Agreement create new business risks and opportunities?

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