Canada’s culture of compassion

A rich tradition and legacy of philanthropy provides billions of dollars and thousands of volunteer hours for causes across the country

Since confederation 150 years ago, Canadians have earned a reputation for being caring, both at home and abroad. A landmark study by Statistics Canada in 2015 revealed that 40 per cent of Canadians consistently volunteer for charitable causes and just over 80 per cent donate money to charities annually.

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Clean electricity key to Canada’s energy future

Under last December’s Pan-Canadian Framework on Climate Change and Clean Growth, carbon pricing will come into effect nationwide next year, making it the primary policy tool across the country for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG emissions.

But energy experts believe carbon pricing alone will not achieve the country’s 2030 emission reduction targets and needs to be combined with complementary policies including better use of electricity and natural gas to meet Canada’s energy needs.

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Client-centred approach translates technology into solutions Process and people key to unlocking problem-solving potential

Self-driving cars, IBM’s Watson and ‘robo’ financial advisers are sparking conversations about the potential of innovation to change everything. In the legal sector, the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and digital connectivity has opened up vast new potential.

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